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27th Aigle de Nice Intl 2015

Le 25eme Aigle de Nice International 2013

The 27th edition de l'Aigle de Nice took place in Nice from 14th to 30th of November 2015


5th Crystal Award 2014

Crystal Aigle de Nice - 2014

The Crystal Aigle de Nice award, that occurs every 4 years, is the most prestigious prize given by the Committee.


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Partnership with Japan

L'Aigle de Nice et le Japon

We have been partners with the Japanese International Art Council of Osaka for 25 years


2015 Aigle de Nice International Grand Prize, 27th edition

The 27th edition of the Aigle de Nice International took place from November 14th to 30th at Palais de l'Agriculture in Nice

The preview and the prize-giving ceremony took place on the 20th and 27nd of November in the presence of Mr. Gérard Baudoux, assistant representing MP and Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi and of honorary patron Jean-Paul de Bernis.

This 27th edition was placed under the High Patronage of Mrs. Mick Micheyl, variety artist and steel engraver, Mr. Jean-Paul de Bernis, President of the Académie Mérite et Dévouement Français and Vice-President of the Académie Arts-Sciences-Lettres (Arts-Science-Literature Academy), Mr. Masashi Yokohama, President of Osaka, Japan-based International Art Council organization.

The 2015 honorary guests were the two 2014 Aigles de Nice d'Or (Gold Award) : painter Elodie Defontenay and sculptor Ghyslaine Leonelli. Other guests were : Monica Rudi, Christian Maas, Annie Toja,  Xavier Colin, Pari Ravan, Jean-Louis Carina, Alain Benedetto, Claude Gauthier, Patrick Moya, Paul-Louis Rebora, Serge Hugon and as a tribute to deceased friend

May they be thanked by the Aigle de Nice for their involvement in the success of this edition ! 


The president has unveiled the list of prize winners before a large crowd of Art lovers




Catherine Gardon has been awarded the Gold prize L’Aigle de Nice d’Or for her painting



and Michel Durand has been awarded the Gold prize, L’Aigle de Nice d’Or for his sculpture



Cecile Parfigon has been awarded the Silver prize, L’Aigle de Nice d’Argent for her painting


and Nathalie Matheudi 
has been awarded the Silver prize, L’Aigle de Nice d’argent for her sculpture



Gerard Oberto has been awarded the Bronze prize, L’Aigle de Nice de Bronze for his painting



and Remi Coudrain has been awarded the Bronze prize, L’Aigle de Nice de Bronze for his sculpture


For the third year, Online Audience Special Prize has been set up and was a complete success. Indeed, nearly 1800 single votes have been recorded. Gifted sculptor Teddy Cobena Loor won hands down, obtaining more than 500 votes, closely followed by a painter, Dommy, with nearly 400 votes. 


Painter Gerard Oberto has been awarded the Audience Special Prize with 53 votes and Sculptor Martine Velasque with 73 votes, out of 448. 




27th Aigle de Nice cideo clip, by Michel Moroni.



Aigle de Nice d’Or + Japanese Medal IAC offered by M. Masashi YOKOYAMA :

Painting: "Aigle de Nice d’Or" Gold award : Catherine GARDON (St Laurent du Var)

Sculpture : "Aigle de Nice d’Or" Gold award :  Michel DURAND (Nîmes)


Aigle de Nice d’Argent :

Painting : "Aigle de Nice d’Argent" Silver award :  Cécile PARDIGON (La Colle sur Loup)

Sculpture : "Aigle de Nice d’Argent" Silver award :  Nathalie MATHEUDI (Utelle)


Aigle de Nice de Bronze :

Peinture : "Aigle de Nice de Bronze" award : Gérard OBERTO (Meyland)

Sculpture : "Aigle de Nice de Bronze" award : Rémi COUDRAIN (Lemans)

Alain BIDEAUX Originality Prize :

                        Painting : Rémy BEACCI (Roquebrune Cap Martin)

                        Sculpture : André POISSY (Six Fours les Plages)


Online Audience Special Prize : Teddy COBENA LOOR (Espagne)

City of Nice Special Prize, Sculpture : Martine VELASQUE (Saint-Laurent du Var)

City of Nice Special Prize, Painting : Catherine GARDON (Saint-Laurent du Var)


Jury Special Prize : 4th Prize Roseline AL OUMAMI (Fougères)

"Conseil Départemental" Prize : 5th Prize : Francis LAFFONT (Toulon)

City of Cannes : 6th Prize Denise BERTHOUMIEUX (Mougins)

City of Menton : 7th Prize Sergio TENOUX  (Nice)

Spécial mention : 8th Prize Nesly PIERRE-PAUL (Haïti)

Spécial mention : 9th Prize Jacques VALLERO (Nice)

Spécial mention : 10th Prize : DOMMY (St Jean Cap Ferrat)


IMCF, Japan 2015, International Art Council Prize : Roland MAROTEAUX (Avignon)


"Conseil Départemental" Prize : 4ème Prix : Teddy COBENA (Espagne)

Jury's Special mention : 5ème Prix : Davud KANT (Russie)



Best Foreigner Artist Prize : Mario SALVATORI (Italie)

Offered by SARL Chatron Coupes


Press Prize, Le Petit Niçois : 

Painting :  Gérard OBERTO (Meyland)

Sculpture : Marie-Pierre BOS (Nice)


Young Artist Prize : Maria MIKILEVA (Russie)

Administrator Prize : BlackBerry (Marcillat)

"Comité desTraditions Niçoises" Prize : Francis LAFFONT (Toulon)

 Honorary Patron prize :  Catherine CAYSSIALS (Albi)

"Mérite et Dévouement Français Academy" prize : Angela FOLCHER (Saint Privat)



2014 winners :

  • Elodie Defontenay - France 06130 Grasse
    Painter, Aigle de Nice d'Or 2014

  • Ghyslaine Leonelli - France 01360 Balan
    Sculptor, Aigle de Nice d'Or 2014

and artists :

  • Claude Gauthier - Monaco

  • Alain Benedetto - France, 06390 Contes

  • Christian Maas - France, 42000 Saint-Etienne

  • Annie TOJA - France, 06230 Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat

  • Paul-Louis Rebora - France, 06670 Asprémont

  • Xavier Colin - France, 06230 Jujurieux

  • Patrick Moya - France 06000 Nice

  • Pari Ravan - Iran, Allemagne

  • Jean-Louis Carina - Peintre - France, 06000 Nice

  • Monica Rudi - Peintre - Suisse

  • Serge Hugon - France, La Seyne sur Mer

and as a tribute to deceased friend : Alain Demarte 

These are their artworks :




  • Pictures : Erick Garin

  • Video : Michel Moroni
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