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33rd Aigle de Nice, 2021

The 33rd edition of the Aigle de Nice International took place from October to November 5th, 2019 at the Club-House of Saint-Laurent-du-Var's port.

This edition was placed under the High Patronage of Mrs. Pari Ravan, sculptor, Mr. Alain Benedetto, Painter, and Mr. Masashi Yokohama, President of Osaka, Japan-based International Art Council organization.

 Eric BONFILS, Deputy representing Joseph SEGURA, Mayor of Saint-Laurent-du-Var, Vice-President of the Metropolis, Departmental Councillor attended the ceremony, as well as Christian VIALLE, Deputy representing Lionel LUCA, Deputy Mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet and the very faithful Richard CONTE, Municipal Councillor representing Christophe TROJANI, Mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

This award ceremony took place under the effective presence of Christian BRIZION, Jacques VALLERO, and André POISSY, Members of the Selection Committee of the Jury 2021

Alain Bideaux, founding president of the association, launches the 33rd Grand Prix award ceremony
Vice President, Evelyne Grezes with Richard Conte, Christian Vialle, and Eric Bonfils

Vice-President Evelyne GREZES, and Administrators, Nicolas Grezes, Caroll'Ann and Guillemette BIDEAUX, also attended the award ceremony.

You will find below the Prize List, where Muriel BAILLOT, Sculptor, and Christophe THOGNARD, Painter received the Golden Eagle of Nice.

Christophe Thognard receiving the Gold award
Muriel Baillot in front of her two artworks

Online Audience award, which gathered more than 3,500 votes, was awarded to painter Yolande MESCHI , with 587 votes and Sculptor Christophe FRAMERY, with 468 votes.

2 big competitions will take place in 2022: the 1st in September:
  • The 7th Aigle de Nice de Cristal with an imposed theme: "Ecology"
  • The 34th Aigle de Nice International with a free theme.

The Aigle de Nice website was launched in 2003. To date, the Aigle de Nice website has recorded more than 2 million connections in 171 countries... A great performance!



Gold Award, Aigle de Nice d'Or - Painting
Christophe Thognard

Gold Award, Aigle de Nice d'Or - Sculpture
Muriel Baillot

Silver Award, Aigle de Nice d'Argent & Audience award - Painting
Yolande Meschi

Bronze award, Aigle de Nice - Painting
Cécile Pardigon

Audience award - Sculpture
Christophe Framery

Founder's Originality Award
Davud Kant

4th Prize - Spécial Mention from the Jury
Angela Véhier

Administators Prize
Martine Perugini

The Jury


From left to the right: Jacques VALLERO ; Alain BENEDETTO, President of the Jury 2021 ; André POISSY ; PARI RAVAN ; Jean-François JULLIEN ; Alain BIDEAUX, Secrétaire de Séance ; Thierry ARZENS ; Daniel CURZY et Christian BRIZION





The Board


President and Founder Commissioner General

Alain Bideaux

Variety Singer,Actor


Vice- President

Evelyne Grezes

Notary Clerk Ret'd

Secretary General

Caroll’Ann Bideaux



Guillemette Bideaux

President of the Bideaux  Fan-Club
Stylist Ret'd

Yamina El Hermack

Bookseller at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

Paul Louis Rebora

Painter & Sculptor

Nicolas Grezes

Head Waiter


Cabinet Audit - Méditerranée




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